May 17, 2012

How Do You Say "I Love You" in Swedish?


I just came back from the Ikea that is next to the Mall of America in Minneapolis/St.Paul (technically Bloomfield, but whatever).  When I first walked in, I literally teared up, like a little kid on her first visit to DisneyWorld. The beauty was so immense I couldn't process it.  I actually gasped - really.  I feel like this is what heaven looks like - everything immaculately organized, well lit, and everyone looks vaguely familiar.  Nobody is sad at an Ikea - nobody.

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Ed foster said...

You dips.hit."For history is simply form, used to contain energy. Historical events are temporal, the energy of consciousness eternal. The Illuminati are using both historical event and memory as form to entrap consciousness and the energy it contains, which they then use to fuel their activities in various levels of the auric field."-The Illuminati and the Auric Field, Beth Goobie, paranoiamagazine issue 39. Protect your auric field with labradorite crystals and soul retrieval. See also "The Network of Stolen Consciousness" by same author.